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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always adored babies. I was definitely that girl who wanted to hold all the newborns and had my fair share of baby dolls at home to care for, love on and hold onto until I fell asleep. Yep, kids, especially babies have always had a special place […]


change and growth

Personal Growth

Change: 5 Ways to Spark the Flame In Your Life

Change can be a scary word for most because oftentimes we as humans are prone to the nature of our routines and like the security that we find in consistency. However, in this life that we are blessed to live, one of the only constants that we can count on is, well…. CHANGE. In order […]



Year 32 On Deck | My Year In Review

Each trip around the sun has me more grateful than the last. While some may loathe adding another number to their age, I absolutely love that I get the opportunity to grow older and wiser. And as each birthday comes, I like to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned over the last year! With year […]


time management


9 Easy Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Time. It’s such a beautiful gift that we’ve been given. And yet, so many spend it in ways they wish they hadn’t (me included). Why is it that we have such a hard time with time management? Time. It’s something that most wish they had more of, but a resource we can never regain once […]


embracing change

Personal Growth

Embracing Change: My Three Key TakeAways

As a Texas native, I must say that I LOVE the transition from summer to fall and then again from fall to winter. I really enjoy the cooler temperatures as well as the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas that occur as the year comes to a close. And while summer is not the most enjoyable […]



Personal Growth

22 Simple Ways to Show Kindness

Kindness. It’s something that we learn about from the time that we are children and have a great understanding of identifying as we get older. Kindness is often defined as a behavior, as a characteristic, a disposition, or even a trait.  Kindness. Can be expressed in the simplest of ways and is often an extremely […]


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