Isabelle’s 5 Month Update + 5 Things She’s Loving Right Now

Wow! Time is literally flying by! I can’t believe that my baby is already 5 months old. It really does seem like we just brought her home from the birthing center yesterday (cue the tears and sappy mom moment).

What an adventure motherhood is… especially with 4 beautiful children. I wouldn’t trade the sleepless nights, the crazy messes, and the loud noises for anything.

This past month has been a beautiful one where Isabelle’s personality has been shining through like crazy! Her smile lights up every room that she enters and her giggles lift our spirits to newer heights daily. Isabelle has a pretty solid routine that’s working right now. She eats about every 4 hours and takes about three naps a day and sleeps really well at night! She’s drooling like crazy still and gnawing on everything that she can fit into her mouth but there are no signs of teeth just yet. She still loves bath time and will let me know when she is ready to take hers at night! It’s amazing how well babies communicate (even without talking) if we just take the time to really hone in and listen to the clues that they are giving us! Isabelle is an amazing communicator already!

With no further adieu, here are the 5 things that Isabelle is loving right now:

I. Her Daddy

Can we say cue the water works when daddy comes home (much less when he’s around)? Isabelle is already a bundle of joy but when her daddy comes around, she goes from 100 to 1,000 in an instant. My heart almost can’t take the cuteness of those two together either 🙂

II. Her Hands

My oh my, has Isabelle discovered her hands and it is so incredibly hilarious to witness! I remember the day she found them because the expression on her face changed when she saw them from a nonchalant look to a surprised and intrigued look right before she darted to shove her entire fist into her mouth! It’s such a joy to see her find new things in her world, even if they’ve been there all along.

III. Fisher Price Snugamonkey Swing

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