Isabelle’s 4 Month Update + 4 Things She is Loving Right Now!

It’s officially been four months since Isabelle was born and I can’t believe it! Where is the time going?! It feels like she has always been a part of our family! Her smiles have turned into laughter and it is just so sweet! The kids still swarm her and call her their baby which makes this mama’s heart melt all day long.

At this stage in her life, she’s discovered her hands and loves to naw on them. I’m excited to see when her first set of teeth will arrive because of how often she chews on those hands! Michael + Liz both had 6 teeth by 6 months which CRAZY! But Annaliese didn’t get her first set of teeth until she was 9 or 10 months old! It’s a wonder to see how different each child is, which only makes it more of an adventure to raise little ones.

As far as spitting up is concerned, she’s still doing that pretty regularly. But thankfully, she doesn’t spit up overnight! If she has to feed overnight, she generally eats and then falls back asleep once her little belly is full! I know that I’m blessed that she does that and I thank God because some nights I’m wiped!

Now that you’ve read about me gushing over our sweet princess some,

Here are 4 things she’s loving right now:

I. Bath Time

Isabelle gets a bath every single day, and sometimes twice a day. It really depends on how much she’s spit up and/or pooped that day. And with the sensitivity that I feel like she has with her stomach, the water has a way of relaxing her and soothing whatever discomfort she may be having at the moment. She loves loves loves a warm bath and it puts her to sleep immediately, no matter what time of day it is!

II. People (especially her brother + sisters)

If you know me and Donnell IRL (in real life), then you know how much we LOVE people! And it seems as though this trait has rubbed off on each one of our kids, thank goodness! But seriously, Isabelle absolutely LOVES people and it shows by the way that she expresses herself when her eyes meet the eyes of another person. It’s beautiful to see her little face light up with smiles and giggles. Now, her joy is pretty glorious when she sees even the newest stranger, but it’s multiplied by about 10 when she sees one of her sisters or brother! It makes this mama heart of mine happy to know that my kids are bonding in the best way. I’m praying that their bond is strong and lasts a lifetime!

III. Cuddling

Isabelle is one of the biggest cuddle bugs I’ve ever met and I love it! She loves to be held and will “call for me” until I talk back and eventually pick her up! This stage is one of my favorites hands down because I can hold my sweet baby without her wiggling her way to break free! Instead, she smiles and giggles until she’s hungry or tired! And then the cycle continues 🙂

IV. Talking (cooing)

Wow, our girl is a talker! But then again, all of our girls have spoken early! Isabelle really sounds like she is saying words like “hi” and “hey” and it is the cutest because the kids say that she’s talking to them too! It’s so special to hear her trying to form words so that she can communicate with us even better than she’s doing right now! I’m trying to soak up all of these sweet sounds because I know that they won’t last forever!

And there you have it! I still can’t believe our sweet baby doll is 4 months already!! Thanks for following along Isabelle’s monthly stages! Until next month!

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