9 Easy Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

time management


It’s such a beautiful gift that we’ve been given. And yet, so many spend it in ways they wish they hadn’t (me included). Why is it that we have such a hard time with time management?


It’s something that most wish they had more of, but a resource we can never regain once spent. So, if you feel like I’ve ever felt in regards to time, keep reading for 9 easy time management tips that will help you get a handle on your days, weeks, and years to come. Own your life and your future with these time management hacks to create the life you want and love.

TIP #1: Plan your days, weeks, & months

Contrary to popular belief, success in any area of life doesn’t just happen. Instead, it is the direct result of strategic planning and consistent actions taken against those plans that produce results. So, it’s no wonder that those with a set plan in place, who then follow thru with their plans, manage to “succeed” in every endeavor that they seem to set their hand too. It’s not rocket science, it just takes extreme discipline to actually do what you tell yourself you’re going to do.

TIP #2: Batch work (also known as grouping)

I found out about batch working a few years ago and it has really changed my life (for the better of course)! And I honestly want to kick myself when I don’t do it more often. But this tip can spill over to mutliple areas in your life if you just get creative enough to apply it. From blogging, to podcasting, posting on social media, and cooking, batch work makes life SO MUCH EASIER! 

TIP #3: Make time

I’ve heard it said that time is the thing that we long for the most but use the worst. Time is something that is given to everyone equally. However, how you choose to spend or invest your time is totally and completely up to. In other words, if you find that you are short on time, you will have to figure out what you can cut out of your schedule because something will have to give if you are going to make time for the things that you really want out of life.

One easy way to “make time” is to cut out an hour of TV time or mindless social media scrolling that you normally do and devote that to your dreams. If you do this every day of the week for one week, you will have just created SEVEN extra hours to devote to whatever your heart desires! Multiply this by 4 weeks which is pretty standard in a month and you’ll have created an extra 28 to 30 hours to use towards whatever you’d like! That’s almost an entire work week that you’ve gained all by making a simple change in your routine to cut out just one hour of watching TV or scrolling through your social media feeds!!

TIP #4: Wake up earlier

Not everyone is a morning person and it can be even more challenging for mamas when we have so much responsibility on our plates with taking care of our families! Look, I get it! I really do! But waking up earlier than your family gives you a little extra time each day to rejuvenate yourself and pour time into your dreams! Take this as a challenge today to make it a habit of waking up earlier, even if that means just 20 minutes starting out. I promise that this won’t be a tip that you’ll regret.

TIP #5. Create & maintain a morning routine

Have you ever heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm”? Well, that statement couldn’t be more true when talking about time management tips for busy moms! We are all tired when we have kids and the more we add to the mix can create different dynamics for sure which is why creating and maintaining a solid morning routine will help you out!! If you can wake up earlier than your family and pour into yourself first, then

TIP #6. Learn to say NO

If you are the type of person who likes to please everyone, this tip can be a hard one for you to follow through and that’s okay. I completely get it because I have been this person before. However, I will say that I paid a big price the longer I decided to say to everyone else. You see, when you decide to say yes to something, you are inherently saying to no other things – that includes you, your dreams, your goals, and possibly even time with your family depending on what you’ve said yes to. In saying no to certain things, you just have to realize that you are not doing so to be mean or harsh but you need to learn to say no so that you can really prioritize what’s important and stick to it. Don’t be afraid. You can say no.

TIP #7: Set boundaries

This tip goes hand in hand with saying no. Setting boundaries can be pretty intimidating or difficult at first especially if you’re not used to

TIP #8: Create your priorities

Creating your priorities means outlining what is most important to you. This can vary in different seasons of your life. But, know that whatever you deem as important will dominate your time. Take some time to sit for a moment and write down a few things that are extremely important to you and make them a priority. You can also list what number of importance they play to you so that you can really be clear on where you’re spending your time.

TIP #9: Outsource work or ASK FOR HELP!!

I definitely had the most trouble with this particular tip because I wanted to be supermom 24/7 and then one day, I was listening to Rachel Hollis and she made a simple yet profound statement. She said that the most successful CEO’s and powerhouses that you see out there have help! They don’t do it alone, so why should you!!

It was such a freeing statement that really got me thinking about why I was so prideful about saying that I didn’t need help when most days, I felt like I was drowning or like I would crash at 7PM because I was just so exhausted. Since that fateful day, I’ve learned to speak up and ask for help. And I’ve been better about receiving it when others offer help to me as well! Help is a gift and we really are better together so lean on someone you know you can trust today for a little bit of support.

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