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22 Simple Ways to Show Kindness



It’s something that we learn about from the time that we are children and have a great understanding of identifying as we get older. Kindness is often defined as a behavior, as a characteristic, a disposition, or even a trait. 


Can be expressed in the simplest of ways and is often an extremely powerful force. In its truest form, it’s generally regarded as a gift that we can extend to others with a simple gesture that has the ability to change the trajectory of someone’s day, week, or  even life. 

In short, kindness is a tool that we can adopt and choose to carry that shows others that they are important. And that we are considerate of them as individuals. Kindness has the ability to change our world for the better. And it all starts with a simple act, thought, or gesture. If you’re having trouble thinking of some new ways to show kindness, I’ve listed 22 super simple ways for you to review down below. I hope you enjoy this list and find a way to implement at least ONE way today. 

Now let’s dive in: 

  1. share a smile with a stranger
  2. gift an inspirational book to someone you care about 
  3. write down someone’s best qualities and share it with them 
  4. leave a generous tip **bonus points if you had a bad experience
  5. buy someone’s meal
  6. allow another driver to merge into your lane 
  7. send a personalized thank you note to someone you admire 
  8. buy lemonade from a stand
  9. make a homemade meal for new parents
  10. send an encouraging note to a coworker
  11. call up an old friend and genuinely ask them about their day
  12. pay for the person’s coffee behind you
  13. hold the door open for a stranger
  14. send an encouraging text to a friend
  15. just lend a listening ear
  16. make eye contact when passing a stranger and extend a warm “hello” **bonus points if you add a smile
  17. give away a compliment
  18. acknowledge someone and learn one new thing about them
  19. pay a visit to someone who is sick in the hospital
  20. leave a positive review on a blog post or a podcast
  21. pay for the person’s gas at the pump next to yours
  22. share a hug with a friend

Although this list has come to an end, your efforts of showing kindness to someone else doesn’t have too. I hope that this list inspires you to be more mindful of the way that you interact and engage with those in the world around you. You have the ability to create incredible, effective, and lasting change by just one act of kindness. So, don’t be afraid to show some today. 

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