Learning to Live: Here’s 31 Things I’ve Learned by 31

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Ah… alas, I’ve officially spent a little over 11,315 days on this earth (because well, there’s the whole leap year thing…) and I couldn’t be more blessed to still be, well, alive.


It sounds so old to my younger self. You know, to the high school, 16 year old me who thought turning 30 would be the absolute worst thing ever. Yeah, THAT girl! But my how has my perspective changed as I’ve emerged from THAT girl into THIS woman.

In this decade of life, my thirties, I feel so alive (and oh so tired at the same time, because I’m a mom of three littles, what can I say)!


It’s almost as though my brain still can’t believe that I am in fact, THIRTY. ONE. YEARS. OLD. I’m grateful. I’m blessed beyond measure. And, I’m excited for what the future has in store. As I prepare for what I believe will be the most incredible year of my life thus far, I had to take a moment to reflect on all of the amazing things that I’ve learned along the way.

Here’s 31 things that I’ve learned about life, love, and motherhood over the years:

  1. You can be whoever you want to be… it’s just easier to be yourself.
  2. The sky isn’t the limit, you are.
  3. You can’t do it alone, just ask for help.
  4. You are loved, even when you think you’re not.
  5. Beauty really does come from within.
  6. Teach them not with words, but in action.
  7. Kindness wins, every time.
  8. Money is a great slave but a horrible master. Learn to control it or it will control you.
  9. Share a small act of kindness, it can really make someone’s day.
  10. If you change your mindset you can change your life.
  11. Unspoken gratitude is not really gratitude.
  12. People matter and they matter MOST.
  13. Hard things can become easier if you just break them down.
  14. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, you never know who needs it most.
  15. When you aim to really help others succeed, you will in fact succeed.
  16. Success is not a destination, but rather a journey to be enjoyed.
  17. The obstacle is the way, so don’t shy away from the challenges life throws your way.
  18. Contrary to popular belief, kindness is a superpower. Use it like one.
  19. Time is the thing that we want most, but use the worst.
  20. Children are the future leaders. Train them as such and love them well.
  21. We all have bad days and need grace. Be the first one to give it.
  22. Lighten up and live a little.
  23. Laugh until your stomach hurts. It really is good for your soul.
  24. Control your day and you can control your life.
  25. Have a dream? Give it all you’ve got. You only have one life to make it come true.
  26. Face your fears.
  27. Believe in yourself. You really can do this.
  28. Don’t work for money. Learn to make money work for you.
  29. Spend quality time with the ones you love the most. It’s the memories that will on, not the possessions.
  30. Be grateful in all things. It will really change your perspective.
  31. Your mindset is everything.

And there you have it…

These are the most important lessons that I’ve learned over the last 31 years. It still feels a little crazy to even write that number but I’m grateful nonetheless.

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